Yoga for Absolute Beginners


Private classes of Yoga for Absolute Beginners for 2 to 4 people is $30 all in.
Held by appointment in your home or at Adi Shesha Yoga in The Glebe
Just call 519-994-4513 to arrange.

yoga for absolute beginners

If you think you can’t do yoga: this is for you

These classes intelligently explore the benefits of yoga posture and yoga movement with emphasis for people who have no previous experience of yoga. These classes help each person with a safe and powerful way to do the yoga that is appropriate to their bodies and circumstances right now.

Gradually learning the important aspects/benefits of each pose and gradually experiencing the profound effects of yoga practice. These classes are straight forward and easy to pick-up.

Advantages are felt from the first class.

A simple, respectful and peaceful yoga.