Yoga For Posture

With Jan Morgan

These classes are calming and strengthening. The yoga focuses on easing tensions and tightness, and appropriate flexibility in the spine - which is everything to a healthy life (and longevity).

This is the yoga to free up your ability to release, relax, restore and rebuild; and honour your bodies’ innate wisdom. The movement has a meditative quality which gives a sense of ease as well as stability.

New to yoga? You gain much from this class

Can’t do yoga? Are you ready to be surprised?

No stressing, no straining and nothing awkward: just doing yoga as a participation in life and self-care.

Are you ready to relax and re-energize with a peaceful body and mind?

A warm welcome awaits…

If you are new to the Adi Shesha studio:
$10.00 First Time Drop-In (this includes tax)
$50.00 + HST: 30 Days of unlimited yoga at Adi Shesha yoga studio
$50.00 + HST: 5 Starter Pack for classes at Adi Shesha yoga studio

“What you truly need is not secret knowledge but a realistic practice that will allow you to navigate through the noise and chaos of your life, and direct you to the source of peace and power that is already within you”.

- Mark Whitwell