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When Jan discovered yoga to consistently relax, restore and revitalize, it changed her body and mind reactions to life and life’s challenges. Rather than feel tired and depleted, she experienced increased energy, calm, and more of a sense of joy. Doing yoga in a way that notices and respects the body’s’ innate wisdom is powerful; and that is what Jan hopes to convey in her yoga teaching.

There is a time to push boundaries and expend energy. Conversely, there is a time to slow down, release and realign… storing potent energy for the challenges outside of yoga. Energy that is neither nervous energy, nor caffeinated induced.

From extensive training and more than 700 hours of teaching, Jan has a powerful knowledge of yoga’s effects and how different aspects and approaches affect different bodies and minds.

Jan’s one-to-one yoga sessions have an energy and effect that become clear from the very first meeting.

Her group classes are focused on the aspects of yoga that support us to feel grounded yet with a sense of lightness. To find our peaceful power in the class, and more importantly, our peaceful power in life.


Beginning in 2006, a 3-day workshop on the East Coast introduced yoga to Jan as a tailored-to-the-person daily practice to do at home. This experience was the first time she enjoyed doing yoga and actually noticed something good about the after-effect. Looking forward to each yoga session, because it felt right energetically and set the day up so well. Jan noticed more clarity and in general, more a sense of the potential in this self-care. Feeling healthier at 40 and 50 than she did in her 20’s was astonishing and it vastly improved how she responded in the big, life issues. Her children grew up and became independent and everyone's home changed across Canada (and the Globe) several times. Now settled in downtown Ottawa, yoga continues to be an important part of the daily rhythm.


2009 to now

575 hours in the lineage of T.K.V. Desikachar (therapeutic yoga; ideally one-to-one)**
105 hours with master teachers including Todd Norian and Rod Stryker
40 hours of Trauma Informed Yoga with Bessel van der Kolk, David Emerson and Jenn Turner
200 hours locally at Adi Shesha in Ottawa
20 hours of Yoga Moves MS with Mindy Eisenberg


The cumulative effect of a little yoga done daily is astonishing. It has to be experienced.

This yoga is student-centered and full of respect, authenticity and heart.  One-to-one yoga is an incredible opportunity to really know how movement and focus can improve a person’s life.

We are unique in our bodies, circumstances, energy, and beliefs, and it is important to have an intelligent method of yoga practice for this.


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**T.K.V Desikachar (1938 - 2016) taught and trained yoga one-to-one for 45 years. In '76, he established a world-recognized center of yoga therapy (& teacher-training) in Chennai, India. Through this center (a non-profit Public Charitable Trust) and through programs across the globe, he gave us some of the finest yoga teachers world-wide.